Saturday, 13 August 2011

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Last Christmas my husband and I were ill prepared for the Christmas rush..... We had started on the family tree. That was consuming all our time. With an extra day off a week we decided to make good use with a  visit to the Kiama Family History Centre to get a few tips on  how and where to start "doing the family tree". I thought it was a good excuse to get my husband to spring for lunch while we were out.

With the aid of the Centre's knowledgeable volunteers we  worked through lunch and each of us walked away with leads and documents to start growing our family tree. 8 months and 1500 people later we are armed with gigabytes of data, notes, photos and memorabilia to provide trees for relatives who have lived in Ireland, Scotland, England, New Zealand and Australia.

Along the way we have discovered that it is 100 years since our relatives arrived on our shores and everyone is excited about what that might entail. My email contacts are huge and my letter box is constantly brimming with replies from relatives and strangers all eager to fill in the blanks. My house and my lovely garden is neglected but  I feel nourished and refreshed by my new found families from all over the world.

This is the story of the journey and what we have learnt.

Robyn and Steve

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