Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Oh I'm having a ball..... Gadsby, Ford, Cassidy, Kerr, Strelley, Harris and McBride families you know I have been busy writing while not blogging.

I haven't blogged in over a year but I have not been idle. Here is  a list of titles I have worked on since I  began the blog. Writing is an easy way to encapsulate the family research into something that people can easily grasp rather than charts and  drawings. Thanks to everyone who has shared pictures and information.

Gadsby  Centenary Series
 Weaving the Family Tree Gadsby Life in Attleborough, Nuneaton, London and Sydney
Two Brothers from Nuneaton  The Story of John and William Gadsby
Thomas The Missing Son  Is Found  Thomas Gadsby incorporating a history of the Gadsbys' arrival in Australia

Cassidy Family
Love And Other Madness At The Hatworks  A Memoir written for the Cassidy, Davis and Ford families to honour a special lady who found love at the hat factory.

Strelley / Harris  Series
William Strelley M.D.-He's the Black Sheep of the Family. The Tale of the Scottish Strelleys
The Harris Family From Derbyshire-Pioneers of the Swan Valley, Western Australia from 1833

Kerr Family History (and the McBrides)
Ah Loch Whit Ye Ur Daein  James Francis Kerr 1852-1917
The Family History Box - The Vaudeville McBrides and Kerrs

Kelf Series
War Diary of Frank Trevor Kelf 1923-1960

Ford and Hudson Centenary Series
Harriet's Story..... Harriet Wilks  nee Ford 1816-1859  Are we the Fords or not!!
The Whole Kit And Kaboodle  Fathoming Out George Ford's Story
In Search Of The French Canadian... A Story Of Joseph And Emily Hudson

As they aren't all on my Dropbox site I can't link them.  However if any readers want to access the stories please contact me on

Over the next months I think I will profile the most interesting characters and add a few stories on a couple I'm working on.

Cheers Robyn

Family History Tip of the day:

Here's  one of the theme posters from  our Reunion 

 It's generated  from a Wordle of all the names and surnames of the family tree themed to our colour scheme. Fun and easy to do.

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