Sunday, 16 November 2014

Family members from World War I -their stories for the record

I thought that I'd do an occasional story on family members who have served in the First World War, a few war stories, comments on the aftermath and anything else I come across which remembers the War effort.
My stories will be mostly about those who went to war , were lucky enough to come home and get on with things- relatives of the Fords, Cassidys, Kerrs, Gadsbys, Kelfs  etc. There is the occasional war hero.
It's a way of sharing photos, documents and personalising the stories during this Centenary period 1914-1919.
Watch this space.... Steve's Grandfather James Edward Cassidy is first cab off the rank. 
Although my "heros" will be English, Scottish and Australian servicemen, I've been inspired by a friend James who is doing a World War I series "Australiaww1"- Reporting on the events that effect Australia during World War One -one hundred years after the event. Besides that he is seeking funding for some short films at Gallipoli in 1915    
Perhaps you can help


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