Friday, 25 December 2015

Being at War at Christmas 100 years ago....let's remember

I thought as it was 100 years ago these photos might be of interest. I believe these photos were taken around Christmas probably to send to those back home in England.

Featured in these photos are members of the Lancashire Fusiliers "still happy in 1915" According to James' son Michael the LF's were in Gallipoli for Christmas 1915.

Two of these injured soldiers were my husband's grandfather James Edward Cassidy and his mate and future brother-in-law Harry Duckworth of Bury England.  James who enlisted on 3rd September 1914 (aged 21 yrs) - Private 280583 was a member of  1st Seventh Lancashire Fusiliers. James was injured in June 1915 after arriving in early May 1915 in Gallipoli. His injury was to the head, arm and heart- his heart being saved by a medal in his tunic pocket. After being in hospital in Malta for 6 weeks he returned to Gallipoli until Christmas 1915. James' full story is published in November 2014 of this blog.

Merry Christmas to all my readers


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