Sunday, 27 December 2015

DNA - a new Ancestry journey

So my husband and I bought ourselves genealogy DNA testing kits for Christmas. What else?
You all know I’m a family history addict.  I’ve got a lot of stories and branches of the family tree on the go. In addition I have made great progress during the year moving back a couple of hundred years with some lines. 

Along the way i have made several discoveries about my ancestors (Kerrs, Gadsbys, Murphys, Johnstones etc) and those of the Fords, Hudsons, Cassidys. In determining our ancestral lines it has  thrown up several questions about our longer term pedigees- Yes the ancestors spent years in the same country even county. The dark skin, red hair and family whispers still pose questions. Were they Nordic invaders or Black Spanish marauding the Irish. More recently I suspect we  have  refugees from religious oppression from some parts of Europe.

I’ve searched parish records, cemeteries, newspapers, Births, deaths and marriage certificates. Even so I have hit some road blocks. Having heard DNA information expands your Genealogical research we’ve ordered the spitcups and we getting ready to send in our saliva.

I’ve no idea how it all works and if indeed it will throw up anything of interest. 

Perhaps I should have done a little research before I bought but Ancestry had a special and so on and so forth. 

Watch this space –it takes six to eight weeks.

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