Monday, 25 April 2016

Lest We Forget- Anzac Day 2016

Today in Australia 25/4 we remember ANZAC DAY commemorating those and especially the ANZACs  (Australian New Zealand Army Corps) who fought in the Wars.

While we were in England we visited the Museum of the Lancaster Fusiliers,Bury. Steve's Grandfather James Edward Cassidy was in the 1/7 Fusiliers and while he was in Egypt at the time of the terrible Gallipoli attack he arrived in Gallipoli 4th May, landed 5th May & went into action on 6th May 1915. He was wounded 4th June 1915 by an explosive bullet (head, arm & near heart). His heart was 'saved' by medal in tunic pocket. After six weeks in hospital in Malta it was back to Alexandria, and Gallipoli until Christmas 1915. Of the 1,500 British soldiers who landed at Gallipoli, only 98 survived. Steve's  Great Uncle Harry Duckworth was also in the 1/7th.

Not to detract from Australia's day of rememberance of this Great War I wanted to share this with my readers.
Placque at the Fusiliers Museum explaining their own tragedy at Gallipoli
As we watch the marches here in Australia we are obviously not alone - British communities especially Bury are holding memorials in their own churches today.

Outside the Museum hung copies of the War posters. Stirring stuff. Is it any wonder men lined up in Britain, Australia and New Zealand to sign up with the support of their women folk? Would such patriotism and honour  happen today??
Hopefully it will never come to that  again- ever.


Steve in the Memorial Garden at the Bury Fusiliers Museum August 2014

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