Monday, 25 April 2016

Some of my favourite sites that are not subscription based and as a bonus are free.

Here's a few  sites that are on my go to list when I hit the wall.  
Thanks to the generosity of these sites there is a world of information out there waiting to be explored.
Happy hunting..

  1. Imperial War Museum Lives of World War 1
  2. Dusty Docs- online parish records for Britain
  3. Trove (a treasure trove of Australian newspapers)
  4. Ryerson Index contains  Indexes of deaths and funerals advertised in Australian newspapers
  5. National Archives of Australia especially for WW1 records, travel and naturalisations
  6. NSW Births Deaths and Marriages
  7. NSW State Library E-resources –newspaper collection of British Newspapers. 17th early20th century. If you belong to a Libary you can get a membership number.
  8. Wikipedia- great for background information on wars, trends, people or links to further research
  9. Australian Dictionary of Biography. Have you got any famous Australians in your tree?
  10. The Long Long Trail- details military units and battles

Let me know a few of your favourites


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